Recruitment Announcement-Xi'an Polytechnic University
Welcome to Xi'an Polytechnic University !
Recruitment Announcement
Recruitment Announcement
2017-08-29 15:00   审核人:

2017-2018 Academic Year Foreign Teacher Recruitment

Welcome to Join us!


极速快三1) Bachelor’s degree and above;

2) Native English speaker;

极速快三3) Enthusiastic, dedicated, responsible, a genuine interest in teaching and education


For further information and application, please contact:

Frank Yang

International Office

Xi'an Polytechnic University

Add: No。19 Jinhua South Road Xi'an City, P。R。 China, P。C: 710048

Tel: 0086+29+62779091

Fax: 0086+29+62779091




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Contact us
Postcode:710048Xi'an Polytechnic University Add:No.19 Jinhua South Road Xi'an Shaanxi China Tel:0086-29-83116236
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