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Recruitment Policy
Foreign Teacher Recruitment

Xi’an Polytechnic University has a long history of collaboration with many universities all over the world。 It is the only university in Northwest China with the mission to nurture talents and skills related to textile and fashion design。 There are various on-going programmes between Xi’an Polytechnic University and partner universities including scientific research cooperation, Sino-British dual degree programme and faculty and students exchange programme。

Xi’an has a history of 3100 years and was the ancient capital of China for 13 dynasties including Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang. The first Emperor of China was buried here along with his world-famous Terra-Cotta Warriors. Xi’an is also the gateway of the Silk Road and is well-known for its local cuisine. Xi’an is located in-between Central and Western China. Major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou can all be easily reached by air or high-speed railway network. Xi’an is also well-connected with the autonomous regions in Western China where you can experience unique culture and enjoy breathtaking scenery.

Successful candidates will gain valuable teaching experience overseas and an unforgettable life experience with a rewarding job.



Taught Modules: Spoken English; English Writing and Literature; Anglo-American Culture, etc.

Workload: 16 teaching hours per week. 45-50 minutes per teaching hour; about 40-50 undergraduates per class.

Contract type: Full-time, One academic year (11 months from August till July the next year).



Free Accommodation: Fully-furnished one bedroom apartment, including air conditioning, landline, washing machine, microwave, cooker, shower room and toilet.

Salary: 4700 CNY per month (45% above average local salary).

              2200 CNY travel subsidy per year.

Vacation: Paid vacations including summer vacation, winter vacation between semesters and all the public holidays in China. Eleven months payment will be received in total.

Other: Free round-trip plane ticket from country of current residence to China (international tickets).


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